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Denaturalization Task Force

A legal task force has been created that coordinates efforts to review files of naturalized U.S. citizens to determine whether to remove their citizenship. Previously denaturalization happened to naturalized Americans who were suspected war criminals.  Since the creation of the legal task force, a number of South Asian Americans have been stripped of their citizenship.  While DHS has argued that these denaturalized citizens had obtained their citizenship illegally, the formation of a new task force and the focus on denaturalization is new. 

Green Card Holder Policies

The wait for South Asians with advanced degrees (EB-4) to obtain a green card is now 150 years. Those seeking to obtain a green card are at greater risk if they decide to use Medicaid, Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Program.  Immigrants applying for a green card through family-based petition under current proposals may have have their immigration applications eliminated, even if they have been waiting in line for years to immigrate. It may become more difficult for the elderly to enter and remain in the U.S. 

Proposed Legislation


Current immigration proposals seek to limit work visas from South Asia, and in particular cut in half legal immigration and narrow work visas from India.  In February 2019, Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act was introduced in both houses in Congress with the aim to issue green cards by category and date of filing, regardless of the country of birth of the applicant.  However, this bill risks pitting immigrant groups against each other.


A new proposal will be released on August 14, 2019 and go into effect 60 days later that will allow DHS authority to deny applicants green cards, visas or entry into the U.S. if there is a risk they will become public charges.  



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