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Individual Membership FAQs

Who can join ISAAW?

Anyone interested in supporting a platform for civic engagement for South Asian American women, ensuring that their voices are amplified in their communities, and assisting South Asian American women interested in public office.

What are the benefits of an ISAAW membership?

There are many wonderful benefits of becoming a member:

  • networking with other like-minded South Asian American women interested in civic engagement

  • getting the opportunity to directly speak with South Asian American women elected officials

  • participating in engaging events such as GOTV campaigns, communicating with elected officials on issues you care about

  • learning from expert-led panels on issues affecting South Asian American communities such as immigration, education, healthcare, climate change

  • training from experienced professionals to run for office.

Sign me up!  What do I need to do?

Simply visit us here or on Facebook and join! Annual membership costs $30.

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